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Aji Amarillo | Powder

Aji Amarillo | Powder
Aji Amarillo | Powder
Aji Amarillo | Powder
Aji Amarillo | Powder
Aji Amarillo | Powder
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Although it was not known in Europe for a long time, the Peruvian Aji Amarillo is a very old variety with over 4000 years of history. The Aji Amarillo is not quite as hot as other chilli varieties and can therefore be used in a wide range. The similar climatic conditions on Mallorca make it possible that the Aji Amarillo also thrives excellently on the island.

The shape of the Aji Amarillo is similar to that of a pepperoni.

The severity level on the 10-point scale is 5. The Aji Amarillo has between 30,000 and 50,000 Scoville, depending on the degree of ripeness and irrigation.

The aroma of the Aji Amarillo is fruity and surprisingly neutral when the seeds and veins inside are removed. We recommend using them fresh and cut into small pieces in warm dishes or as a powder. But be careful, when the Aji Amarillo is boiled in water, be sure to open the window, switch on the extractor and do not inhale the vapors intensely, as a very intense scent is created. When it comes to dosing, it is important to start with small amounts, you can always add seasoning. When cutting the fresh chillies, it is essential to wear gloves and never touch your face with your hands!

The Aji Amarillo is used very versatile. The traditional Peruvian fish dish ceviche is seasoned with it. Due to the relatively mild taste, the Aji Amarillo can also be eaten raw, cooked, in noodles, filled, etc.

Permanency and storage

Store in a dry, airtight and dark place.

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